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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What happened to me for the last two weeks is silly. It started when I preparing pictures for my new entry. Then I don't know what happened, I simply forgot them. After few days, I wanted to start blogging, I THINK I hadn't prepared the photos yet, so I planned to prepare the photos first, then blogging. Another days passed, another week passed, and I still hadn't prepared the pictures. But today, I open my flash disk, suddenly I realized the pictures are THERE this whole time LOL. (Gosh...can you spot all the grammar mistakes I make? past tense always drive me crazy! ^_^)

Back to business....I've finished my homework yeeei
Months ago I promised my cousin a bracelet with her name on it. After so many excuses, I finally able to make her one.
I make it in purple color, her favorite. Using the alphabet beads I bought in Singapore lasat month, I formed a word L E V I N A. I was a bit dissapointed with how its looked. As always I never feel confidence with what I made. But turn out that she loves it ..hhhmmm or she's just being polite? (see...I did it again ^_^)

I also make a, what suppose to be a bookmark from tatbit . Don't you love the classical looked of flower inside a frame? It should be 3 frames to form a bookmark. But I decided to separate them, just because I love the way it looked. Thank you for sharring the pattern Teri.

And finally...something happened : my schruncy snapped!
I wondering what should I do with this?


TattingChic said...

Oh, NO!!! What a major bummer that your scrunchie snapped! I saw some girls had giant scrunchie like bands that they were using as headbands. Maybe you could find some elastic and weave it through and make a loose headband?

Your past tense was fine! What's the problem? I would like to encourage you not to be so hard on yourself! :)

singtatter said...

How about stringing it up with some ribbon and put thing like velco on the ends; put it on your hair after using an undecorated scrunchie?

Onon said...

Love the flower with frame!! lovely! ^^

Bonnie said...

Sorry about your scruncy. Your cousin's bracelet and the flower in frame are great.

Fox said...

Hi, TatForFun! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! I think you too are a very good tatter - I love the little pink piece. It is very pretty. : ) Fox

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