Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is it to late to show you my quantiesque? Most of you at this time, must have shown your beautiful Jon’s Quantiesque… Certainly I can’t miss the opportunity Jon’s given; sharing her stunning snowflake pattern.

Here’s mine :

Little trivia : Take a closer look on my snowflake… can you spot my mistake…?

I was a bit distracted and make a fatal mistake. Yaaiikks…I stunned for a moment, not sure what to do (for one good excuse :: I REALLY HAS NO CLUE HOW TO OPEN A CLOSED RING ^_^). I finally decided to carry on, and purposely make a second mistake to make it even hahaha… (Please Jon…tell me that it’s not a bad idea…?!)
Well…I’ll do better next time ^_^

Meanwhile, I’m still having trouble on documenting my tat work…I only have a 3.2 MP camera…Hope it’s good enough…but I’m still having trouble to get a good picture..Have you seen my pictures in ETatters? All of them is taken with same camera and I’m not satisfied with it. Must try harder I guess…

Giveaway From Tatting Friends

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's definitely very easy to sign in to make a blog. The hardest part is how to maintain your blog, keep it update, interested to follow and useful of course.

What happen to me and my blog..well you can see that I'm not really productive on maintain my blog. Buried under pile of documents to work on...I don't have much time to sit and write on my blog.

But some friends really make it. Many of them actually and we've known them already right? ^_^ But now I want to spread the news...that tattingchic and marilee is soo generous and they willing to give you a wonderful gifts if you leave a comment on their blog.

Of course I took the bait ^_^ Love it so much, and adore the even more that I become more inspire to make more and more tat work and to maintain this blog.

That's that...and to complete my blog...I'll put some picture of my latest work. Enjoy !

I made this cross for my friend who "requested" a pink cross ^_^

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