Another giveaway week

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to office, with some exciting news about giveaways :

First , is from Aileen the Wickedtats. I was quite behind with this news, most of you must have entered for this "HALLOWVERSARY MYSTERY GIVEAWAY". And I have to get 3 entries to beat you LOL. Check the rules

Second , (or third, since it's the third week ^_^) the Third monday of Lady Shuttle Maker giveaway. Not getting lucky on the first one, miss the second one, I should put my name on the bowl this week LOL. Check it out at her
blog .

A Day Before Holiday

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yiiiippppiiieee...It's almost holiday. Indonesia who has Moslem for major population, celebrates Ramadhan. Offices and schools, almost every activities closed during this celebration. For me, it's a free pass from work for a whole week ^_^

Last week, my best friend was going to UK to continue her study. And I thought I have to give her something to remember me of. Here's what I came out with

It's a sketch book, with color papers. I decorated the first page, planned to be the "fancy girly cover". But I gave up, really can't make anything fancy nor girly LOL. Second option is making mushrooms (because she loves any mushroom dishes). With my husband's sketches, I made 3 mushrooms, grass, and bflies.

I didn't tat anything new. But I'll have a whole week to spend on my lovely bean-bag chair. Hope can make something new. Till then, have a great day everybody. And Happy Ramadhan for all of you who celebrate it.

A generous Giveaway

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A generous giveaway from a talented tatter, shuttle maker, an artist ^_^
I'm so excited, ddaaaa...who doesn't? LOL I don't have anything to post except to spread the news about this Mondo Monday. Please click on the picture on my right bar to go to LadyShuttleMaker blog.

I'm currently work on small project, a gift to my friend.Bit runnin' out of time, I hope I'm able to complete it by this Saturday and post it on Tuesday; after I hand her the gift.

I also realize that I have 16 followers on my blog. Woooow...never cross my mind that 16 persons will visit my blog ^_^. Thank you all my friends, you're all such a great friends in tat-land. I hope all the best for you.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been 3 weeks? I can't believe it's been that long. Time flies faster than I thought. And for those 3 weeks, I didn't do much tatting. WHY?

Because the house was to dirty, I hardly found a clean spot to tat. WHY?
It's really a mess in my house, it's so difficult to clean it, with all the stuff on the floor. WHY?
Do I start to annoy you? The big secret is : I'm repainting my living room. Well, most of it was being done by the painters actually LOL.

The painters did the basic boring wall. Because I want to have a less boring wall, me and my husband (honestly, just the two of us) do a little creative thingy on one side (and's going to be just ONE side of the room LOL). It takes about 20 hours to set it up, and another 2 days to have guts to open the tape ^_^

Enjoy the pictures :

Started by placing the mask tape, drew some circles, and cut it out

paint it (upps...the "melted" chocolate down there : my mistake ^_^)

Another paint here and there and wait until it dries, open the mask tape and taaa what we have now

And the last picture, the man behind the wall, who's asking to be remain un-faced ^_^

Well, I do a little tat to, here and there, mostly at the office during lunch break. Just some old patterns,

A spiral bookmark

Lots and lots of Birds on the Wire paperclip

And the pretty shamrock paper clip By Ellen Lai

It's such a tiring yet an exciting week. And I hope you also have a nice day...

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