Friday, March 27, 2009

A small disaster happened 2 nights ago. A box of MULTICOLOUR beads "scrambled" in my bed. It takes 2 spoons, 2 persons and 1.5 hours to put them back ^_^

It's looked pretty in their colours. It's look like a colourful island. But believe me, the time to fix it was not pretty at all ^_^

I missed my favorite CSI show in order to put this babies in their craddle ^_^

A Great Week

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy happy happy...that's what I'm feeling now. The time to post a blog always a happy moment. Here's some photos of my last week project, the one I mentioned earlier in my older post.

A simple edging from japanesse tatting book, turn to a bracelet (I realize I've tend to make a bracelet from an edging pattern)

I remembered Jane Eborall who kindly share this pattern, mentioned that this pattern is from her friend in Africa, and right away I decide to make it with "African Styles" aka in chocolate colour LOL

It's almost time for easter and easter eggs! Colorful eggs to be attached in easter greating card ^_^

And the fun part : I receveid my new babies...!

A look at whole packet

My Precious Books

Some colorful thread

Shuttles times 6

Closer look to my first Victorian Shuttle.I wonder if this shuttle is really wearable?

A New Tatting Bag

Last but not least, thanks to my old tatting bag. Thank you for become one of my good friend for a whole year ^_^

I Miss the Old eTatters

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's gonna be my second no-picture blog. Cause I'm not really plan to post anything, and I'm in public computer which I'm really uncomfortable using a flash disk on it! ^_^

Has anyone join the new InTatters ?
I have joined few days ago, and still trying to get used to it. Honestly I miss the old one at Ning. I'm already familiar with it and it feels easier to get update with new photos or topics. But I haven't really explored it though..so I guess it's time to check it out again ^_^

Currently, I'm making some colorful easter eggs, some simple bracelets, a floral bookmark and I'm planning to make a bookmark that kindly shared by Jane Eborall in her blog
Wish I can spare some time tomorrow to prepare the pictures ^_^

And ooohh last but not least...My Mom will come home soon, on Monday to be exact. But the bad news is, since I live in different city...I still have to be patient until the "package" arrive...arrrrgh.

Time To Catch A Breath

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My mood is kinda up and down for this last few days. Tired I guess. It's time to do something fun. Luckyly, this weekend is a long weekend. It's a holiday this Monday. Great time to relax ^_^

I have something to show : It's been a while in my box, finally I got chance to show it to you.
I was having 3 hours trip in a public transportation and it's impossible for me to tat with patterns. So I try something simple, split ring and a chain to perform a bracelet. 2 sets of split ring and chain then a little flower to join it.

About two weeks ago, I made small project. Butterflies and flowers. It's really small so that I can't figure out how am I gonna use them.

After a while, something acrossed my mind. And I was making a hairband. A project I call : The More The Merrier (although...after it's finished I start to doubt that it's a gooD idea ^_^) But anyway, here it is

not the brightest idea I guess...But it's also fun ^_^

Last project, as I stated in my previous post, I'm having trouble deciding my next project, and I start to make anything that come to my attention.

I started with an intention to make a border for photo frame. On half way, I decided to make a bookmark of it. But in the end, I put strings on both side and voila...I'm using it today as my new bracelet ^_^
See...I'm not good at making decision!

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