A Great Week

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy happy happy...that's what I'm feeling now. The time to post a blog always a happy moment. Here's some photos of my last week project, the one I mentioned earlier in my older post.

A simple edging from japanesse tatting book, turn to a bracelet (I realize I've tend to make a bracelet from an edging pattern)

I remembered Jane Eborall who kindly share this pattern, mentioned that this pattern is from her friend in Africa, and right away I decide to make it with "African Styles" aka in chocolate colour LOL

It's almost time for easter and easter eggs! Colorful eggs to be attached in easter greating card ^_^

And the fun part : I receveid my new babies...!

A look at whole packet

My Precious Books

Some colorful thread

Shuttles times 6

Closer look to my first Victorian Shuttle.I wonder if this shuttle is really wearable?

A New Tatting Bag

Last but not least, thanks to my old tatting bag. Thank you for become one of my good friend for a whole year ^_^

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TattingChic said...

You've been busy! SO many new tatting toys! Have fun! :)

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