Time To Catch A Breath

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My mood is kinda up and down for this last few days. Tired I guess. It's time to do something fun. Luckyly, this weekend is a long weekend. It's a holiday this Monday. Great time to relax ^_^

I have something to show : It's been a while in my box, finally I got chance to show it to you.
I was having 3 hours trip in a public transportation and it's impossible for me to tat with patterns. So I try something simple, split ring and a chain to perform a bracelet. 2 sets of split ring and chain then a little flower to join it.

About two weeks ago, I made small project. Butterflies and flowers. It's really small so that I can't figure out how am I gonna use them.

After a while, something acrossed my mind. And I was making a hairband. A project I call : The More The Merrier (although...after it's finished I start to doubt that it's a gooD idea ^_^) But anyway, here it is

not the brightest idea I guess...But it's also fun ^_^

Last project, as I stated in my previous post, I'm having trouble deciding my next project, and I start to make anything that come to my attention.

I started with an intention to make a border for photo frame. On half way, I decided to make a bookmark of it. But in the end, I put strings on both side and voila...I'm using it today as my new bracelet ^_^
See...I'm not good at making decision!


Needledreams said...

The bracelets look so pretty! The hairband idea is cool. May be if you stick them in the center of the head band will look better. :-)

novice said...

Thank you...The idea to put bugs and flowers in the center also cross my mind. But...the idea come to...LATE. LOL. I've made half of them already when that idea come. Well, I'm planning to make second hairband, and center it is.

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