I’m gonna miss a lot!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fiuuuuh…I finally have some time to continue my blog. Some major events in my days, makes it difficult to enjoy tatting, put them in picture, and blog them.

Like I said before, I had a month of tax exam, a month of study, and a month of tat-free. Naaaaah…..you won’t believe such lie, will you? LOL. A quote from a movie, well not exactly the precise words I think : “ A drunker always have something to celebrate” ; and I always have reason to tat ^_^. The reasons were silly, yet I managed some time to make some patterns from Mary Konior book.

While struggling with my exams, I also planned to quit my old job, looked for new job, had some interviews, and fortunately, everything went well. Right after I finished my exam, I moved to my new job.

A less-bright side of this new job is, they don’t give me internet connection. I won’t able having lunch reading my tatter friends’ blog like I used to, searching for ideas to tat, blogging or uploading pictures. All that have to wait until Saturday, after I sent my husband to office, done some housework, and get lunch prepared. Hoooouuuh see….I really gonna miss a lot of time with you girls….:((

Enough about bragging that thing on my shoulder! Fact is I still have some time to sit back and tat. Right now I have 2 little projects. First project is to decorated this Christmas sock. Well, to be honest I’m not satisfied with the color, and the pieces I put. But, I have no choice on the sock’s color and I only have a little time to finished it, so it’s really the best I can get. Maybe I can do better next year.

Second project still from Mary Konior’s book. Masquerade table mat. I’m quite challenged to make it as big as I can. But to avoid dullness, I tend to stop once in a while, make another piece, then come back to continue this mat. Huh…I guess it will take quite a long time to finish. LOL

Seriously, I think I’m gonna miss you a lot. Hope it’s only temporary, until I can adjust with my new routine. Till next time…Have a great great days everyone.
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