Moment of Bore?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Have you ever had times where you just don't know what to make?

It's happen to me almost all the time. As soon as I finish one piece, the question is "what would I make next?" Although I have a lot pattern and a list of 'to make' pattern, I just can't decide what would I make next.

My husband oftenly caught me staring at my laptop or my tatting box wondering what colour I used to make what piece. It's really a difficult decision ^_^

I even has committed to make series of same pattern with different color, or different pattern with same theme, but it just too hard to commit for. Really! It's happen all the time; and I only tat for a year.

Is it called a moment of bore? Or just a lack of creativity? ^_^

still busy (and still continuing)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aaargh....It's been a hard weeks in my office. I hardly have time to sit back and relax to work on my blog. I had make some tatting work, but I just have no time to picture it, save in in my laptop and publish it. I got to spend more time tonight. I hope I can make new posts for the next few days.

Anyway, an exciting news come from my mother. She will visit my oldest brother in Australia. She will depart tomorrow, and stays there for about 3 week. Sweet...Now I had chance to make a online shopping, delivered to my brother's address and my mom will take it home great opportunity.
But it's not as easy as I thought...I got too excited, and still I have no idea what should I buy ^_^ Finally, I make some choices :

1. a metal shuttle from
It's a rare shuttle in Indonesia, so...I think I have to buy it

2. another clover shuttle also from
I have the same shuttles, but it's only Aus$10 for 5 shuttles...It's hard to resist...! ^_^

3. Finally...a chance to buy a HDT...ordered it from I select 3 of them.

It's kind of hard to see the color just based on the picture. But I hope I choose the right color...

And also I make them keep an eye for a acrylyc coaster...just in case...^_^

Ouuuuh...can't wait to have it on my tatting box...Got to be more patient...I won't get it till next month!

Busy Week

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's been a busy week and it's going to get busier at my office. I have to go out of town, lots and lots of paper to be check, books to read, report to make, and so on and so on. I barely have time to put my hand on the shuttle...

But at the end of last week, I did a little experiment in my kitchen. Guess what...I tried to make my own HDT, using a natural coloring, inspired by video I've seen at etatters. It's looked very simple, so I gave it a shot.

This is what I do...

Left picture : In Indonesia, we called it Suji Leaves. It's used to give green color to cake.
Right picture : I crush the leaves, take out the green color of it, and boil it with the thread for about 45 min.

So...How it's turn out you ask? Here it is...taaaa daaaaa.....drum roll please...

I compare the dyed thread with the with one on the ball. Can you see the green color? No? Me neither...hahaha...I totally fail it!!! ^_^

Something is missing...For my first try, I didn't use any (any...) chemical. Simply put salt in it. At last I think salt it's not enough, but I still carry on though...and so that's what happen to my poor steam thread

I have to gather more information about this natural HDT, and meanwhile I think I like to take a shortcut by using fabric coloring which is much simpler.

Happy Birthday...To Me ^_^

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yesterday was quite fun...for one reason : It was my birthday....^_^ So happy about it so I want to share the day.

It begin with a wake up call in the midnight : my husband has prepared a candle tea in the shape of 25 as in my age. It was dark, and all I can see is just the candle. Here's how it was looked :

after a fun blowing candle thing, another surprise is coming : A birthday Gift!! ^_^ This is what he gave me

A shuttle and a tatting book of course...Too bad I forgot to see the author name. I'll put it tomorrow.

It's quite a surprise that he bought me this book. It's expensive and few months ago I decided not to buy this book. But he remembered and buy it for me. And a shuttle? It's officially become my tenth shuttle ^_^

The rest of the day is simply the day...But not till the night. A family dinner on sea food stall and finally....well, I can call it a birthday gift from my father in law : FISH SPA TICKET hahaha...
For you who's never heard about it,'s some photos to sum up all the story :

Yup...I take a scary leap on a small tub full of Nibble Fish who will eat the dead skin cell of my feet. The picture in the left is my picture...while on the right was taken from internet for you to have a closer look. It's not hurt at all but surely tickle a lot and the feeling that something is biting and eating from your body...well..not really fun ^_^

another "bitting" picture from internet ^_^

Fun isn't it...That's my birthday...and now surely back to work...

See ya ^_^

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