way too long

Thursday, February 3, 2011

They say Time's flying...but they never really saying how fast it's flying. For me, it's like TIME is flying on a supersonic jet plane. It's been so long, and I think I don't spend much time on tatting. Got a lot to catch up....But I manage to finish some pieces though

a little gift for my co-worker

these little flowers made from leftover threads. Love to make them to empty the shuttle. Now I randomly placed onto a scrapbook paper, glued, and it's done :)

a small experiment with paper and balsa wood

I also start to make a new blog, another tatting blog http://www.tatforfun.blogspot.com/ , in Bahasa Indonesia. Inspired by the first Indonesian Tatting book, I think it must be fun to meet tatters in Indonesia. And tatting is no longer become "the lost art" ^_^

local tatting book

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