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Monday, July 27, 2009

A fun blog challenge from krystledawnetats for us showing our tatting land. And I actually have the chance to show others space to my husband, and finally can say : "So, my sweet dear husband, this is what I want for my own tatting space!" Poor him LOL
My supplies might be a little more tidy than others for 2 reasons :
1. I just have a small number of supplies
All my supplies can put into small thread container, a tool box, and a -ready to go-bag.
2. My husband is a tidy man (me...not really a fans of tidy up LOL). He's gonna freak out if I left my tatting supplies in unproper place.

At the bottom is my fancy thread, the middle is of course for less fancy thread from local shop. And the top box, is just an empty box which just now, I realize, what is the use of it LOL

This is a tool box which is very useful to put small thread and beads. I use it for threads and beads I'm going to use soon. I sometime replace the thread with another threads from the big box.

And this is my ready to go-bag. I use it to put all projects I'm willing to make. Never missed this bag, anywhere I go ^_^

So the question is, where do I tat? Simply anywhere ^_^

My house is rather small. We only have 2 bedrooms. One for me and for my husband. The other room was used by my parent in law. They were moving 2 days ago. And I have a room left...yiieepeee....

It's temporarily used as a storage room, quite a mess huh. It's gonna be our new "Entertainment Room". My hubby with his guitars and me with tatting corner of course.

The Best Medicine

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm not really sure about other culture. But in Indonesia, we simply expected to go to school, find a good work, get married and have children. For those who's not following that path, is punished with questions.

And for me the hardest part of being "childless couple" is dealing with questions : "When are you going to get a baby?" Huuf, is it really need to asked? It's not like we don't want it, right?

Lately, I realised, I'm not only being asked, but also given ALMOST ANYTHING to enhance our possibility.

From a modern supplement for me and for my husband :

I hope the label is quite clear, it's a line of honey, milk, vitamin E and B, omega 3, and other stuff I don't even know how to spell.

Chinesse herb

an unknown perscription

turn into an unknown ingridients

boiled into an un-delicious beverage

To a health stone, a set of necklace, bracelet and ankle bracelet.

It's kinda pretty though, so no problem at all with the jewelry LOL

It doesn't include the recommendation on some doctors, IUI treatments, hormon therapy, massage, accupunture and so on. Wow the list is getting longer.

After all questions and medicine, they told me for avoiding STRESS?!
They feed me with that!

What they don't know (but you girls already knew ^_^) that we have a best medicine :

Do you agree with me?

They are my best friends on my 3 hours waiting time at the doctor, the best stress reliever, the best reason to go all the way to singapore, it's just...the best of all.

Just drop by to say I miss you

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This last two weeks, I worked on old pattern, or in Eborall's term : tatting in auto pilot, it's really automatic, I don't even remember what I've made ^_^

All I remember, I spend quite some time on sewing the ends. It's not my favorite step, so I tend to put them back on my treasure box, until I have a mood to sew them. And there, I was spending hours of sewing in the ends. Surprisingly, it's finally able to see the piece without any thread left over.

To think it for a while, I think I have made some from new pattern, I just don't have a chance to picture it. I'm taking tax class at night. Just right after office hour at 5, I'm rushing to my tax class until 8.30 pm. By the time I arrived at home at 9.30, I'm already too tired to do anything. Hope I can spend some time on this weekend to make new pattern and to give them a nice photo shoots.

I'm a bit uncomfortable to make a non-pictured blog. Feels like something is missing. But for now I really miss blogging. So, forgive me not able to share any picture. I just drop by to say I miss you ^_^
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