Just drop by to say I miss you

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This last two weeks, I worked on old pattern, or in Eborall's term : tatting in auto pilot, it's really automatic, I don't even remember what I've made ^_^

All I remember, I spend quite some time on sewing the ends. It's not my favorite step, so I tend to put them back on my treasure box, until I have a mood to sew them. And there, I was spending hours of sewing in the ends. Surprisingly, it's fun...to finally able to see the piece without any thread left over.

To think it for a while, I think I have made some from new pattern, I just don't have a chance to picture it. I'm taking tax class at night. Just right after office hour at 5, I'm rushing to my tax class until 8.30 pm. By the time I arrived at home at 9.30, I'm already too tired to do anything. Hope I can spend some time on this weekend to make new pattern and to give them a nice photo shoots.

I'm a bit uncomfortable to make a non-pictured blog. Feels like something is missing. But for now I really miss blogging. So, forgive me not able to share any picture. I just drop by to say I miss you ^_^


Krystle said...

Sometimes I feel the same.....

We all enjoy eachothers company online, and I'm glad you stopped in to say hello at least!

Jane Eborall said...

Heh, heheeee. Another bit of 'advice' or rather a suggestion. Why not sew in the finishing ends as you finish each round? You can hide the beginning ones as you start your tatting which I'm sure you already know!! I use a self threading needle for the ends and it doesn't take any time at all. All I had to do was 'train the brain'!!!

TattingChic said...

I don't like finishing off the ends. I HATE the way it looks without it even more, LOL! That's what "inspires" me to get it done, LOL!

laura_rose said...

Sometimes it is nice just to say hi! I agree with Jane about ends...do them at the end of each round (except when I am out and about). That way they are not in the way and the end feels more satisfying as there is not a lot of sewing :)

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