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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What should people say in their first blog?
Especially when I about to dedicated this blog mostly for my tatting project. It's a bit embarassing since I just leart about tatting for this past 6 months. Nothing special made or even created something new.
I started my lesson with my aunt 6 months ago, in a very short time (since I have to come home) with a very limited memory about the basic. Fortunately...I DID IT ^_^
Second lesson, 2 months later, is about join, and ring and chain using 2 threads. Once again I only had a very very very short time to learn from her (half hour for exact). I also only have 1 shuttles, 2 balls of thread and I had no patterns AT ALL to practice.
With a full spirit of tatting...I hunt in every bookstore in singapore, and finally I found ONE book (yeaaap just one thin book) in Kinokuniya. But I was sooo happy about that book.
Never had enough about the pattern...I'm sorry for all tatters who had create original pattern, I grab every pattern I found in the internet, never mean to steal it, just trying to find more and more patterns to practice on. (Your patterns are lovely,by the way)
Well, now I already had hundreds of pattern ( mostly from the internet), 3 shuttles, colourful balls of thread, some beads, and of course a usefull bag to put everything in. I'll show some photos of it next time.
Haa...that's how I start tatting...and I'm not gonna stop now...
So till next time...happy tatting ^_^
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