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Friday, October 9, 2009

I guess, it's gonna be my last post before my TAX EXAM next week. 12 subjects in total, 3 subjects per week, well, that's make 4 weeks filled with rules and numbers. I'm afraid there won't be much time left to tat or blog **sigh**

About a month ago, my mom took a trip to Australia to visit my brother. Last week she came home. And look what my brother gave me

Look at all the sweets he gave me. He really spoilled me this time!
But the sweetest of all of this is....taaaaaa daaaaaaaa.....

Don't we just love this book?

So many fabulous designs, too bad I won't have much time to try them. Haaaa...another *****sigh***** LOL. But I manage to make "Large Cross". Can't show it now, for it's being pressed down under this pile!

Last night, when I put the cross into my magic pressing machine , I found, not one, not two, but THREE. Yes, three pieces of - I don't even remember where I put it- tatted bookmarks. Been there for quite some time I guess ^_^

Do you know that I went to economics school, majoring in Accounting? At the top of this pile is "Accountant's Bible". The GAAP = Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It's a guideline for accoutant to make Financial statement, it's include standard, rules......eeeeeeeerrrrr. Let's be honest : I never really use the book, until I realize that this book is heavy enough to press my tat work!!! LOL. Therefore, to express my gratitude to this multifunction book, here it is

Here it is, the cover of Indonesian GAAP, posing with 3 well known patterns :

1. Flower bookmark, Pattern is being modified by Sabina Carden-Madden. Here is the pattern .

2. Christmas tree from Nancy Tracy. Click here to find the pattern.

3. Pattern from "Tatting Pattern and Design" by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson

Last but not least, the weekly giveaway from Lady Shuttle Maker still continuing! (On the second thought, I'll be back next week and weeks after, to post another entry for next giveaway ^_^). Have you put your name on the bowl? Check on this link to see this generous giveaway.

Well, that's that for now. See you again in 4 weeks, 'till then, have a great days everbody ^_^

Making "PERMATA"

Friday, October 2, 2009

3 blogs in a week? I beat my own record LOL

Can't wait to share my "Permata" as I've mentioned on my last post.
For that, I want to share some pictures from other tatters. Many thanks to Jon and Elizabeth for permission to use their lovely picture here.

It's JON's lovely picture in her latest book .


It's ELIZABETH's picture. We can read the story in her blog .

The reason why I put their pictures here is to make comparison to my piece. Here's what I have. Can you really spot the difference?

No...I'm not trying to make new design out of Jon's. It simply because I'm really not a good student, failed to follow Jon's clear instruction!!!

I was, unconciusly, adding the count of DS after placing the beads. After slipped the bead, I secure the bead with one DS, and adding another 2 DS as instructed. After third quater, I realized, I have added another DS (times 8 for every beads) , made my ring more full than it's suppose to.Ended up with this modified piece.

A close observation of Jon's example and a very detail image by Elizabeth's (though she added several DS on the chain, but same counts on the ring), I'm really sure that I've made a big mistake for they only have 2 DS after the beads.

Since opening a ring is not an option for me, there's nothing I can do than skip some DS's, 2 rings, adjusted the outside chains, ignoring the fact that the center motif looked like a 3-legged man, and conficed my DH that I did all the modification in purpose LOL

Then, I get confuse about this whole DS count. One question, if the instruction is 5 - 5, after completing the picot, how may DS left? Is it 4 or 5? I never worried about this before, because without the cabone ring, if I do either 4 or 5 DS, as along as its consistent, guess I have no problem at all. But the DS for plastic ring have been counted accurately, adding more DS will result...another piece! ^_^

PS : once again, the first two pictures are not mine, added to my blog with generous permission from Jon and Elizabeth. Thank you for let me sharing those images.

Back to Busy Life

Thursday, October 1, 2009

After 10 days of retreat from office, datelines, courses, traffic jams, morning rushes...including internet I am, back to my uncomfortable office chair.

You might wonder, what have I done during the holiday? (Well, even if you don't, I'll tell you anyway LOL)

Me and my DH continue the "living room project". We installed the parquet floor (yes, measuring, cutting, installing and reinstalling for about FIVE times before we get them in line). Exhausted, and satisfied enough for what we've done, then my DH got tooooo lazy to finish the ends. So this is what we have : a nice living room, with unfinished floor. Haaaa..boys...!!!

Between slaving myself as servant who cleaned the house, did the laundry and cooked as well, I also tatted some pieces. I like to share one of them.

Christmas Tree pattern from Japanesse Book. Haaaa, believe me, the picture on the book is much more beautiful than mine...:( But I'm quite happy with my trees. It's quite a challenge for me to join the trees.

I also tried a pattern from Jon's latest book. And it's another whole story...I intend to tell the story complete with some pictures, including pictures from other tatters. Still waiting for permission from the image owners, after it's completed, I'll tell you on my next blog.

For today's lunch break, I think I'm gonna try Ellen Lai's Jolly Sun paperclip . But now, 3 hours before, had reports to be checked. Till next time, have a good day everybody! ^_^
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