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Thursday, October 1, 2009

After 10 days of retreat from office, datelines, courses, traffic jams, morning rushes...including internet I am, back to my uncomfortable office chair.

You might wonder, what have I done during the holiday? (Well, even if you don't, I'll tell you anyway LOL)

Me and my DH continue the "living room project". We installed the parquet floor (yes, measuring, cutting, installing and reinstalling for about FIVE times before we get them in line). Exhausted, and satisfied enough for what we've done, then my DH got tooooo lazy to finish the ends. So this is what we have : a nice living room, with unfinished floor. Haaaa..boys...!!!

Between slaving myself as servant who cleaned the house, did the laundry and cooked as well, I also tatted some pieces. I like to share one of them.

Christmas Tree pattern from Japanesse Book. Haaaa, believe me, the picture on the book is much more beautiful than mine...:( But I'm quite happy with my trees. It's quite a challenge for me to join the trees.

I also tried a pattern from Jon's latest book. And it's another whole story...I intend to tell the story complete with some pictures, including pictures from other tatters. Still waiting for permission from the image owners, after it's completed, I'll tell you on my next blog.

For today's lunch break, I think I'm gonna try Ellen Lai's Jolly Sun paperclip . But now, 3 hours before, had reports to be checked. Till next time, have a good day everybody! ^_^


Sally Kerson said...

Gosh what a busy time you have had, yes it is hard trying to do EVERYTHING! But the Christmas trees are really lovely, never seen them tatted in 3D before, did you stiffen them ?

TatForFun said...

Hi Sally,
No, it's not being stiffen. I don't know why, maybe because the right DS counting, make them bend themselves. Math Magic I think. LOL
However, I think stiff the bottom branch would be great so they can stand straight.

Carol Lawecki said...

Sounds like you had a super busy holiday! Your tatted 3d trees are fantastic!! Have you seen Carol Amich 3d Jolly Santa? He would go great with these trees. Are there any other
3d Christmas patterns in this book? Have a great day!

Fox said...
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Fox said...

Wow - you have been a busy bee! This is a very cool tree pattern.
Love the 3-D effect.
Fox : )

TatForFun said...

Hi Carol, I just dropped by Battatter's blog. And her 3D's santa is super cool. In fact, all the 3D's tatting were so great, never seen anything like that before. Thank you for sharing it. And as far as I remember, the tree is the only 3D pattern in that book.

TatForFun said...

Hi Fox,
Glad to know that you like the tree. Thank you ^_^

TattingChic said...

Those Christmas trees are darling! Nice work. You sound very busy!


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