Making "PERMATA"

Friday, October 2, 2009

3 blogs in a week? I beat my own record LOL

Can't wait to share my "Permata" as I've mentioned on my last post.
For that, I want to share some pictures from other tatters. Many thanks to Jon and Elizabeth for permission to use their lovely picture here.

It's JON's lovely picture in her latest book .


It's ELIZABETH's picture. We can read the story in her blog .

The reason why I put their pictures here is to make comparison to my piece. Here's what I have. Can you really spot the difference?

No...I'm not trying to make new design out of Jon's. It simply because I'm really not a good student, failed to follow Jon's clear instruction!!!

I was, unconciusly, adding the count of DS after placing the beads. After slipped the bead, I secure the bead with one DS, and adding another 2 DS as instructed. After third quater, I realized, I have added another DS (times 8 for every beads) , made my ring more full than it's suppose to.Ended up with this modified piece.

A close observation of Jon's example and a very detail image by Elizabeth's (though she added several DS on the chain, but same counts on the ring), I'm really sure that I've made a big mistake for they only have 2 DS after the beads.

Since opening a ring is not an option for me, there's nothing I can do than skip some DS's, 2 rings, adjusted the outside chains, ignoring the fact that the center motif looked like a 3-legged man, and conficed my DH that I did all the modification in purpose LOL

Then, I get confuse about this whole DS count. One question, if the instruction is 5 - 5, after completing the picot, how may DS left? Is it 4 or 5? I never worried about this before, because without the cabone ring, if I do either 4 or 5 DS, as along as its consistent, guess I have no problem at all. But the DS for plastic ring have been counted accurately, adding more DS will result...another piece! ^_^

PS : once again, the first two pictures are not mine, added to my blog with generous permission from Jon and Elizabeth. Thank you for let me sharing those images.


Krystle said...

The stitch you make after completing the picot counts as one of the next number of DS. The dash in "5-5" represents just the loop of thread that is left when making a picot. So, you would make 5 stitches, leave a space before the next stitch, and then do four more DS to total the 5 that are in the pattern .

Hope that helps!

TatForFun said...

That helps a lot Krystle ^_^

I was wrong all this time...I ALWAYS thought that " to make a picot is = to leave a space,with first stitch, then secure it with secend half of DS " then continue the DS counting (which is 5...according to me). That's why at the end, I'll see 6 DS instead of 5!

Now I know my mistake
Thanks a lot Krystle

Gina said...

Yep, what Krystle said. I'm beginning to see why I've been confused that people kept saying there was an extra stitch when you made a picot. I could not understand why they were saying you had to compensate for that. I always counted it as the stitches after the picot, never counting the stitch that determines the length of the picot as part of the picot, only the stitches after. Did that not sound even more confusinging? LOL!

Just_Jeannette said...

I am SO glad you asked that! I have always wondered too! So now I know!;) I also have Jon's new book and haven't make "permata" yet. You sure did a great Job! Very pretty!

singtatter said...

Wish I have more time to start tatting the designs from Jon's book. All your photos make me drool!

csipkelelk┼▒ said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I love the humorous way you are talking about your mistake! Funny.
Btw. you extended my "must make" list too :)

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