Some Failures and Some (nearly) Succeed Pieces

Monday, May 4, 2009

This week end spent by me having fun with my threads and shuttles.
But some of it didn't turn out really well. Here's what happened

I love the
pattern that Vinnie kindly shared on her blog . It's really beautiful and challenging. The first flower on the center is already giving me a hard time. I don't know what's wrong, but I cannot make 5 petals without overlapping another rings. And my other problem is I can't make a smooth join between split ring and normal ring. All I get is dimpled join ^_^. After 1 layer, I decided to stop making it. It hurts to see such a pretty pattern destroyed by my hand.

Then I tried another pattern. Instantly I fall for cute pattern by Ellen Lai. The butterflies are (easily noticed) having uneven wings. I hope practice really makes perfect ^_^. My friend said it was cute enough. But, still...not so good for me!

Finally, I had chance to try covering plastic ring. I'm not making any pattern with the ring. Only try to cover the ring. Yippie...I did it...LOL I'm overreacted, don't I? ^_^

That's all I got for weekend...between cooking and watching tv...I'm a slow tatter ^_^. I also spend some time to check on my tatted animal. Still messy with all the threads left. But I intend to sew them on small blanket, so I guess I dont have to cut them until I sew them, do I?

Can't wait until next weekend. So I can tat all day ^_^
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