Moment of Bore?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Have you ever had times where you just don't know what to make?

It's happen to me almost all the time. As soon as I finish one piece, the question is "what would I make next?" Although I have a lot pattern and a list of 'to make' pattern, I just can't decide what would I make next.

My husband oftenly caught me staring at my laptop or my tatting box wondering what colour I used to make what piece. It's really a difficult decision ^_^

I even has committed to make series of same pattern with different color, or different pattern with same theme, but it just too hard to commit for. Really! It's happen all the time; and I only tat for a year.

Is it called a moment of bore? Or just a lack of creativity? ^_^


Gina said...

Try taking a pattern book and working through it. I would suggest one that has a dozen or less patterns. Chances are, after awhile you will be inspired to tat something other than what is in the book but while you are tatting pattern by pattern, you will probably try a new technique or perfect one that you are weak in.

Needledreams said...

That happens to me also. Specially when finishing a big project. Usually I return to a small project like tatting mini butterflies and then I get inspiration back. Gina advice is great!

Jane Eborall said...

I've always got too many ideas and not enough time!! Perhaps I should come to your house?

novice said...

Gina, I think you're totally correct, inspiration come even better when we actually done it ^_^ (of course blogs and eTatters are also the best). I just have to always remember it. Thanks

And needledreams, I usually can't finish a big project..ehm...i also wonder why LOL

Sure Jane, the day I met you will be the greatest day of my tatting history...Any planns to see the beautiful Indonesia? "Indonesia, It's a smile away" haha... And oh, by the way, thanks for animals patterns in your site. I've printed some of it, and put it in my "to do" list...Thanks a lor

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