Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is it to late to show you my quantiesque? Most of you at this time, must have shown your beautiful Jon’s Quantiesque… Certainly I can’t miss the opportunity Jon’s given; sharing her stunning snowflake pattern.

Here’s mine :

Little trivia : Take a closer look on my snowflake… can you spot my mistake…?

I was a bit distracted and make a fatal mistake. Yaaiikks…I stunned for a moment, not sure what to do (for one good excuse :: I REALLY HAS NO CLUE HOW TO OPEN A CLOSED RING ^_^). I finally decided to carry on, and purposely make a second mistake to make it even hahaha… (Please Jon…tell me that it’s not a bad idea…?!)
Well…I’ll do better next time ^_^

Meanwhile, I’m still having trouble on documenting my tat work…I only have a 3.2 MP camera…Hope it’s good enough…but I’m still having trouble to get a good picture..Have you seen my pictures in ETatters? All of them is taken with same camera and I’m not satisfied with it. Must try harder I guess…


Needledreams said...

Mistake? I don't see a mistake. All I see is a wonderful snowflake! May be if you take the photos with a solid color background they look better. Most of my photos where taken with a 3 MP of resolution and they come fine. Now I upgrade it to a 7 MP which is fine. Also don't go too close. That make the photos blurry, unless it has a zoom.

But the important is to sow the pretty tatting you do!

***Jon**** said...

Ha ha ha ... very creative remedial work. I spotted the mistake but I am going to keep it to myself. Just think of it a variation of the snowflake.

TattingChic said...

Your quanti looks great, what mistake? (that's a hypothetical question...not meant to be answered!)


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