Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Few weeks ago my husband asked me what is Hibernation? And I answered : That's what I'm going to do...Hibernate
2 weeks leave from office to plan on pregnancy in Singapore, gave me time to relax and to enjoy a forced holiday. And also a chance to tat more and to shop a lot ^_^

I can't wait to show my new toys I got from Singapore

The threads I bought at Daiso, Golden Dragon, and from Ellen Lai

Beads I bought at Art Friends at Takashimaya

And Some other stuff I bought at Golden Dragon in China Town

Golden dragon in China Town, is such a heaven for me LOL. Do you think I'm overreacted? No...it's quite a nice and complete store. Lot better than one I have in Bandung. It has more threads and shuttles and anything you need to get creative.

My main purpose in Singapore was to get my self a treatment in order to get pregnant. I spent quite some times at the airport, airplane, MRT, and doctor's waiting room. So...what's better than tatting to spend all the time I had? Since I don't remember many patterns, I have to make simple projects.

I love making hearts and I have plan to make more. Though my husband said that I should make them on several colors, but I think I'll use red, pink, and white colors only.

I just love this cross. It's easy to make and it looks lovely when we use the right color on it. Actually, this cross was my first love to tat ^_^

I also tried to imitate Jon's snowflake. I hope she doesn't mind. I instantly fall in love with this cute snowflake the moment she gave me one. And I started to count the stitches, and I managed to make the dark purple and sky blue snowflake. Not as pretty as Jon's, but I think that's enough for now.

And my last project was tatted scrunchy (do I spell it correctly?!@) And as you know, it takes a long long time to finish, so long so that I can't do any more project and until last night when it got pictured, still on progress ^_^

Many thanks to Ellen Lai, who spent some time with me. She's the one who took me to Golden Dragon, and invited me to her house to tat and stay for dinner. I've learn a lot about tatting and also a friendship in tatting. Thank you and I hope I can see you again someday.

That's that, my 2 weeks hibernation. I've enjoyed my time and I hope you all too...^_^


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

The hibernation sounds wonderful! Isn't it great to meet new tatting friends!

Krystle said...

Best wishes to you on getting pregnant! Tat all you can before you have a baby, it gets a little harder after they arrive :-)

Valerie said...

your tatting finds look great! i haven't seen the variegated threads at golden dragon though. cool, i'm sure you'll have tons to tat when you get home.

hey, you can call on me too when you visit singapore again.

***Jon**** said...

I hope the tests and all will be successful and you'll get what you are hoping for, a baby.
From what I can see, you did the tiny snowflake quite well. You are going to have a great time using up all the thread that you got from Singapore.

TattingChic said...

Good luck with the pregnancy plans!

Look at all your new tatting toys! Have fun! They look like a lot of fun!

It looks like you have been very busy tatting! :)

Fox said...

Your tatting is beautiful! I love Jon's little snowflake, with the covered ring. You did lovely work on that.

Good Luck! Fox : )

tattrldy said...

Your hearts are lovely, I saw the one on Jon's site and came to see what else you've been doing. Lookin' good! May things go well with the baby plans!!

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