packages and new friends

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I received two packages this week. First package was a special handmade blanket made by my grandma who passed away 6 months ago. Mah we called her. The colors don’t match perfectly, the material came from any scrap cloth she could use. But still it’s very meaningful for me and the whole family. Mah made about 6 blankets, and I’m very honored to have the chance to keep one.

The first package, has moved me somehow. I feel like I to make something like that. No, not a blanket, something smaller maybe, combine with a little tatting here and there. At the same time, I found an online store selling a manual sewing machine. I NEVER use a real sewing machine, but yeaaah…whatever I bought it anyway. 2 days later taaadaaa the second package has arrived.

Still manage to make a straight line though. To make something real, still waaaay ahead LOL

Ow and this week also a great week. It’s always a pleasure to meet new tatter friend. Especially if they are near. I found, online, 2 Indonesian who like tatting too. Wooohoo. Never met them personally, but we talk sometime by email or Facebook message. Wish I can see more and more tatter in Indonesia.

Next week is a long holiday in Indonesia celebrating Idul Fitri. Can't wait to tat a whole week ^_^


BSOTF said...

The blanket from your gramma is priceless. The colors all do go together & look amazing! She will be able to keep you warm & you will be able to feel her love for you. Love your little sewing mechine too. Enjoy your holiday this week!

TypsTatting said...

You have a real treasure and Heirloom there. Love the colours bet the fabric tells a story!!!

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