I'm back...and wish never leave EVER again

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Six months in my "small world of tatting", without cheering sqaud, I finally realized,

Tatting alone was not fun!! It never been fun!

So now I'm back, back to my lovely "Big World of tatting", quite surprise that nothing change, including my 26 followers who doesn't 'unfollow' me **grup hug**

Nothing change in my daily life. I try my best to fit in to my 6 month old-job, tight schedule, overtime, housework and so on, and so on. Yet, I still have quite some time to tat...Yiiippiiie.

Lately, I'm working on small tat and stiched them on baby t-shirt. After long time hiding ends, stiching, cutting, tearing eye, here they are, specially made for my nephew

sorry for blurry pictures ^_^

saw these cute turtles somewhere, sometime in the past while browsing on the net, also stiched on baby t-shirt. With a bit close up, I count the stiches. So sorry, can't mention the owner, lost it's track.

sure you know, these are tatbit's alphabet

love it the most, cute little feet from heather's pattern

It was quite an experience, whole process was fun, but I think I need a break before start to think to make the sequel ^_^

Next project might be some scented bag. Already made 1 bag, move on to second one. Might finish 'em next week. Till then, Happy tat my tat buddies.


*♥* Heather *♥* said...

so neat and I love the feet on the tshirt I would have never thought of that. Thanks for tatting my pattern :)

Gina said...

Adorable small tats on little shirts make a big impression! Nice to see you back again!

geraldine said...

love the t-shirts,they have given me an idea for my nieces baby due in nov. welcome back

Beelizabeth said...

The turtle is from Mark Meyers, aka "Tatman" The pattern is available at TAT-MAN.NET

God's Kid said...

Those little shirts are so great! :)

Fox said...

Love Heather's 'feet'. Very cute! Great idea.
Fox : )

StringyDogs said...

The shirts are amazing! It is so fun to see patterns I didn't know existed! Thank you for sharing.

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