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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I work on the scented bag, as I planned, and here they are

Annes Nuperellenett's beautiful pattern , filled with potpourri

the famous Heart's Desire, filled with coloured styrofoam and scented material

I make two pieces of each pattern, so when it hanged, we can see both side.
Last night, I showed my pieces to my family. When everyone make compliments on it, my dear mom came up with one practical question :
"How would it be if you want to change the potpourri? Would it be difficult?"
I said, "I think so Ma, I have to open some stitches, replace the potpourri, and stichted them back. "
Then she replied again "Mmmm....So I guess you should keep them on a vaccum plastic bag, to preserve the scent...."
Me : : eeeerrrr *speechless*
OK Ma I'll make another one for you, a scented bag, with no scent at all


Sally Kerson said...

Well I think they are very beautiful and a lovely way to use tatting.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Both pieces are wonderful! I guess when the scent disappears, you'll just have to enjoy their beauty!

singtatter said...

Scent or no scent, it is lovely enough - the tatted heart and the colourful balls!

Fox said...

Lovely work!
Fox : )

Gina said...

LOL! Practical moms!

One way around that is to lace the motifs together with ribbon so the two pieces can be easily separated to slip in new potpourri, but another way is to simply add a few drops of essential oil, with an eyedropper. Or just appreciate the eyecandy and forget about the scent! They are so pretty! said...

They are lovely. You can always drop some essential oil into the mix to spruce up the scent.

***Jon**** said...

Now ... who does that remind me of ..ME? LOL

They are both lovely, regardless scented or scentless.

God's Kid said...

Very pretty pieces! :)

Josh said...

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Koroneczka said...

Beautiful lace!

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