Things You Won't Leave Without

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There's an application PICK 5 at Facebook, you pick 5 things you won't leave your house without it.

Here's my top 5 :
1. My tatting bag
2. Wallet
3. Handphone
4. House Key
5. Hand Sanitizer

And what will happen if I don't bring one of those?
When I miss the last 3 things, it simply : "Uuups...forgot them..ah well...I'm gonna be fine"
Wallet is indeed important thing in my days. I got my money, and ID, driving license. Should bring them all the time. But if I left it, just cross my fingers, hope that there won't be any inspection whatsoever LOL

But when it come to forget about tatting bag : MISERABLE it is.
That's what happen today. A chaotic morning, running late to office, and no tat session during lunch break. Ouch!! What a gloomy day!

Few weeks ago I finished another cross, pattern by TeriDusenbury . Thanks for sharing the pattern Teri. She's such a talented person isn't she? I hope she's getting better soon.

It's going to be my new Biblemark ^_^

And a pattern from Japanesse book (sorry again to the author..I can't remember your name). Originally created to make a vest. But I can't manage big project, so I repeat the inside square patterns 4 times to make is as a coaster.

Made with olympus No. 40

Well, that's that for today. Back to work and hope that today is not so gloomy as I thought ^_^ And good day for all of you.

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TattingChic said...

I love your square mat! I have a few tatting books by Authors from Japan and I love them! Beautiful patterns!

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