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Thursday, February 3, 2011

They say Time's flying...but they never really saying how fast it's flying. For me, it's like TIME is flying on a supersonic jet plane. It's been so long, and I think I don't spend much time on tatting. Got a lot to catch up....But I manage to finish some pieces though

a little gift for my co-worker

these little flowers made from leftover threads. Love to make them to empty the shuttle. Now I randomly placed onto a scrapbook paper, glued, and it's done :)

a small experiment with paper and balsa wood

I also start to make a new blog, another tatting blog http://www.tatforfun.blogspot.com/ , in Bahasa Indonesia. Inspired by the first Indonesian Tatting book, I think it must be fun to meet tatters in Indonesia. And tatting is no longer become "the lost art" ^_^

local tatting book

Frame Project

Thursday, November 25, 2010

packages and new friends

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I received two packages this week. First package was a special handmade blanket made by my grandma who passed away 6 months ago. Mah we called her. The colors don’t match perfectly, the material came from any scrap cloth she could use. But still it’s very meaningful for me and the whole family. Mah made about 6 blankets, and I’m very honored to have the chance to keep one.

The first package, has moved me somehow. I feel like I to make something like that. No, not a blanket, something smaller maybe, combine with a little tatting here and there. At the same time, I found an online store selling a manual sewing machine. I NEVER use a real sewing machine, but yeaaah…whatever I bought it anyway. 2 days later taaadaaa the second package has arrived.

Still manage to make a straight line though. To make something real, still waaaay ahead LOL

Ow and this week also a great week. It’s always a pleasure to meet new tatter friend. Especially if they are near. I found, online, 2 Indonesian who like tatting too. Wooohoo. Never met them personally, but we talk sometime by email or Facebook message. Wish I can see more and more tatter in Indonesia.

Next week is a long holiday in Indonesia celebrating Idul Fitri. Can't wait to tat a whole week ^_^

here they are

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I work on the scented bag, as I planned, and here they are

Annes Nuperellenett's beautiful pattern , filled with potpourri

the famous Heart's Desire, filled with coloured styrofoam and scented material

I make two pieces of each pattern, so when it hanged, we can see both side.
Last night, I showed my pieces to my family. When everyone make compliments on it, my dear mom came up with one practical question :
"How would it be if you want to change the potpourri? Would it be difficult?"
I said, "I think so Ma, I have to open some stitches, replace the potpourri, and stichted them back. "
Then she replied again "Mmmm....So I guess you should keep them on a vaccum plastic bag, to preserve the scent...."
Me : : eeeerrrr *speechless*
OK Ma I'll make another one for you, a scented bag, with no scent at all

I'm back...and wish never leave EVER again

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Six months in my "small world of tatting", without cheering sqaud, I finally realized,

Tatting alone was not fun!! It never been fun!

So now I'm back, back to my lovely "Big World of tatting", quite surprise that nothing change, including my 26 followers who doesn't 'unfollow' me **grup hug**

Nothing change in my daily life. I try my best to fit in to my 6 month old-job, tight schedule, overtime, housework and so on, and so on. Yet, I still have quite some time to tat...Yiiippiiie.

Lately, I'm working on small tat and stiched them on baby t-shirt. After long time hiding ends, stiching, cutting, tearing eye, here they are, specially made for my nephew

sorry for blurry pictures ^_^

saw these cute turtles somewhere, sometime in the past while browsing on the net, also stiched on baby t-shirt. With a bit close up, I count the stiches. So sorry, can't mention the owner, lost it's track.

sure you know, these are tatbit's alphabet

love it the most, cute little feet from heather's pattern

It was quite an experience, whole process was fun, but I think I need a break before start to think to make the sequel ^_^

Next project might be some scented bag. Already made 1 bag, move on to second one. Might finish 'em next week. Till then, Happy tat my tat buddies.

I’m gonna miss a lot!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fiuuuuh…I finally have some time to continue my blog. Some major events in my days, makes it difficult to enjoy tatting, put them in picture, and blog them.

Like I said before, I had a month of tax exam, a month of study, and a month of tat-free. Naaaaah…..you won’t believe such lie, will you? LOL. A quote from a movie, well not exactly the precise words I think : “ A drunker always have something to celebrate” ; and I always have reason to tat ^_^. The reasons were silly, yet I managed some time to make some patterns from Mary Konior book.

While struggling with my exams, I also planned to quit my old job, looked for new job, had some interviews, and fortunately, everything went well. Right after I finished my exam, I moved to my new job.

A less-bright side of this new job is, they don’t give me internet connection. I won’t able having lunch reading my tatter friends’ blog like I used to, searching for ideas to tat, blogging or uploading pictures. All that have to wait until Saturday, after I sent my husband to office, done some housework, and get lunch prepared. Hoooouuuh see….I really gonna miss a lot of time with you girls….:((

Enough about bragging that thing on my shoulder! Fact is I still have some time to sit back and tat. Right now I have 2 little projects. First project is to decorated this Christmas sock. Well, to be honest I’m not satisfied with the color, and the pieces I put. But, I have no choice on the sock’s color and I only have a little time to finished it, so it’s really the best I can get. Maybe I can do better next year.

Second project still from Mary Konior’s book. Masquerade table mat. I’m quite challenged to make it as big as I can. But to avoid dullness, I tend to stop once in a while, make another piece, then come back to continue this mat. Huh…I guess it will take quite a long time to finish. LOL

Seriously, I think I’m gonna miss you a lot. Hope it’s only temporary, until I can adjust with my new routine. Till next time…Have a great great days everyone.

Last Post for the next 1 month

Friday, October 9, 2009

I guess, it's gonna be my last post before my TAX EXAM next week. 12 subjects in total, 3 subjects per week, well, that's make 4 weeks filled with rules and numbers. I'm afraid there won't be much time left to tat or blog **sigh**

About a month ago, my mom took a trip to Australia to visit my brother. Last week she came home. And look what my brother gave me

Look at all the sweets he gave me. He really spoilled me this time!
But the sweetest of all of this is....taaaaaa daaaaaaaa.....

Don't we just love this book?

So many fabulous designs, too bad I won't have much time to try them. Haaaa...another *****sigh***** LOL. But I manage to make "Large Cross". Can't show it now, for it's being pressed down under this pile!

Last night, when I put the cross into my magic pressing machine , I found, not one, not two, but THREE. Yes, three pieces of - I don't even remember where I put it- tatted bookmarks. Been there for quite some time I guess ^_^

Do you know that I went to economics school, majoring in Accounting? At the top of this pile is "Accountant's Bible". The GAAP = Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It's a guideline for accoutant to make Financial statement, it's include standard, rules......eeeeeeeerrrrr. Let's be honest : I never really use the book, until I realize that this book is heavy enough to press my tat work!!! LOL. Therefore, to express my gratitude to this multifunction book, here it is

Here it is, the cover of Indonesian GAAP, posing with 3 well known patterns :

1. Flower bookmark, Pattern is being modified by Sabina Carden-Madden. Here is the pattern .

2. Christmas tree from Nancy Tracy. Click here to find the pattern.

3. Pattern from "Tatting Pattern and Design" by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson

Last but not least, the weekly giveaway from Lady Shuttle Maker still continuing! (On the second thought, I'll be back next week and weeks after, to post another entry for next giveaway ^_^). Have you put your name on the bowl? Check on this link to see this generous giveaway.

Well, that's that for now. See you again in 4 weeks, 'till then, have a great days everbody ^_^

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